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Driving Theory Test

The driving theory test was introduced in july, 1996 as a paper based multiple choice exam, this was updated to a computer based test in 2000. To test learner drivers awareness of hazards on the road, the Hazard Perception Test was introduced two years later.  The theory test and hazard perception test are performed on a touch screen computer but there is an option to use a mouse. Headphones must be worn throughout the test.

What you need to do to get a full UK driving license.

Pass both your theory test and the practical test. You have to pass your theory test before you can book your practical test. To pass the theory test, you need to pass both the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception test.

Theory test

This is a multiple choice test you take on the computer. You will be asked a total of 50 questions and you have 57 minutes to answer all the questions. To pass this, you need to get at least 43 of the questions correct. Find out more about our theory test software by clicking here: Theory Test Software

Hazard Perception

You will be shown a series of videos, viewed from a car drivers point of view. Each video clip has a developing hazard which the learner has to identify by clicking. There are 14 video clips in total and the learner has to score more then 44 out of 75 marks to pass.  Find out more about the hazard perception test by clicking here: Hazard Perception